MOBIUS CONNECT is the gateway to your future, with reliability and CBM videos, webinars, articles, tips, and a live feed and forum. You can customize your focused network
to continue your education in the reliability improvement
and condition monitoring industries.

The MOBIUS CONNECT community is about YOU
Connecting with people around the world. You can solve problems, continue learning, and share your experience -
all for free!

You must never stop learning!




  • Create your profile, set your areas of interest, and opt-in to receive custom communications specific to your interests.

  • Connect with industry professionals and your peers wherever you are in the world, in any language.

  • Utilize the interactive map to find new connections based on location, industry, or area of interest.

  • Engage and share your questions, thoughts, failures, victories on the live feed.

  • Dive into more in-depth forum discussions with industry experts or start your own discussion.

  • Create a tip, video, or article for RELIABILITY CONNECT and/or CBM CONNECT. Find the links to these sites below.

  • Deliver a case study presentation or explain how a technology works at a Mobius CONNECT Live Training Conference. You can learn more about those events using the link below.

  • Become a member of your regional COMMUNITY CONNECT community to gain access to additional educational resources, participate in focused forums, and attend meetups.














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