[Mobius Institute] – Privacy Policy - Users



This Privacy Policy is edited by Mobius CONNECT, as Mobius Institute Pty Ltd. having its registered office at 13291 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers, FL, 33919 USA (hereafter, the “Company”).

The Company offers a platform for reliability and CBM practitioners (hereafter, the “Platform”) to its users which have subscribed on the Platform and as such have a user account (hereafter, the “Users”). The Platform is available at the following URL address www.mobiusconnect.com.

The Company uses a solution called “Hivebrite”, which enables the import and export of user lists and data, the management of content and events, the organization of emailing campaigns and opportunity research and sharing as well as the management of funds and contributions of any kind. The Company commits to ensure the compliance of the processing it carries out as data controller in accordance with the regulations regarding data protection. In order to do so, the Company has put in place an appropriate privacy policy which guarantees an optimal level of protection of its Users’ data.

This privacy policy is intended for the Users of the Platform of the Company.



1.1 When subscribing on the Platform

When subscribing on the Platform, the User is informed that its following personal data is collected:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Region of residency
  • Information regarding university education and professional experience (not required)

The User commits to only provide accurate, exhaustive, and regularly updated data regarding its identity, its content, and any information in general. Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for any data that is illegal contrary to public order provisions.

In the event the User does not consent to the collection of the above-mentioned date, it shall be informed that it cannot have access to the Platform.

The User consents that, following the publication of the content, its information will become public on the Platform and that as such, same information will be published, modified, translated, reproduced in any form and accessible, saved and reproduced by other Users and the Company. The User is informed that the Company does not collect any particularly sensitive data within the meaning of applicable legislation and regulations.

1.2 Cookie data

The Company informs the User that Hivebrite, as well as its subcontractors, uses a tracking technology on its terminal such as cookies whenever the User navigates on the Platform.

A cookie is a message that, subject to the User settings, is sent to its terminal when the User navigates on a website. The aim is to collect data regarding the internet navigation of the User to send tailor-made services to its terminal (computer, mobile phone, or tablet).


The Company and its subcontractors collect, process and host personal data that are freely transferred by the User when accessing the services proposed by the Platform.

Collected Data

Purpose of the processing

When subscribing on the Platform:


  • Access to the Platform;
  • Creation of a user account;
  • Access for the User to all functionalities of the Platform, meaning: www.mobiusconnnect.com;
  • Management of requests to access, amend, delete, limit, and oppose.

When using the Platform:

  • The use and feeding of the Platform;
  • Management of payments and contributions through the Platform – if applicable.
  • Sending invitations for events organized by the Company or other Users, if the User has accepted to receive such invitations;
  • Sending offers jobs / commercial offers – if applicable, from the Company or its partners if the User has accepted to receive such offers.

Cookies, trackers:

  • Add to calendar 
  • Keep active session 
  • The user/admin ID 
  • User first connection 
  • Stripe
  • Identify the user session
  • User search 
  • Google
  • LinkedIn


  • Improve the quality of the services proposed by the Platform;
  • Improve the usage functionalities of the Platform;
  • Create statistics regarding the effective use of the Platform;
  • Enable the User not to have to reconnect to the Platform for every new navigation on the Platform;
  • Invite the User to events organized by the Platform;
  • Create statistics regarding the different levels of activity on the Platform. The cookies cannot allow to identify the User;
  • Enable the synchronization of the User’s LinkedIn profile;
  • Manage banking transactions.



The Company informs the User that the data is retained only during the length of the User’s subscription on the Platform. Following the termination of said subscription, the data collected upon the subscription as well as the content published by the User on the Platform shall be deleted after a period of 3 years.

The Company informs the User that it uses a payment service provider called Stripe which offers full guarantees of security. You can see Stripe’s privacy policy by clicking on the following link: www.stripe.com/privacy.

In accordance with application legislation, cookie data will be automatically deleted thirteen (13) months following their placing on the User’s terminal.